Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A confession and a disclaimer

Don't be fooled by the title... neither of these topics is even remotely newsworthy. (If you're surprised, you must be new here. Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I write about unimportant things, but I write it so well that sometimes people are tricked into thinking it's interesting. Everyone has a talent!)

Confession: I'm lazy

Tonight was my first free night in, I think, 15 days. I savored the thought all day and had lofty ambitions of how I would spend my time after work which included going to the gym, cleaning my kitchen, and posting my stupidly long account of the move plus starting on a whole list of backlogged entries and pictures to go with them, which at this point includes:

  • September bake-a-thon including my first ever canning experience
  • French bread pizza party - the last hurrah of my Columbia city days
  • Mustache party hosted by Tom Douglas
  • Vogue/fashion benefit show in which I was almost maimed by a stiletto on the catwalk
  • Italian festival at the Seattle Center
  • Mike's epic visit from Philadelphia
  • 10 year high school reunion (weird, weird, weird)
  • Chili cookoff - the tradition continues to be a kickin event
  • Unexpected addition to my apartment (or, as Robyn put it, probably the most random thing I have ever done)

I did clean my kitchen but that was about as far as my motivation extended. What did I do instead? I caught up on the shows that I watch when I need an evening of doing nothing else: Glee, 30 Rock, and Community. As a non-TV owner, I have to say Hulu is awesome for those times when I want a TV fix, even if it did continually depress me by showing a commercial for a non-profit that helps people battling terminal illnesses pay for their prescriptions. (I know it's a lovely organization, but when we have to FUNDRAISE to get people medication, clearly something has gone dreadfully wrong.) I have to say, I don't feel at all guilty about being in the same position now that I was 5 hours ago.

Disclaimer: I'm sorry if you feel the need to read and/or care about this

I have been giving some thought to why I blog, or more importantly, why other people might think I blog. I find myself explaining that this is like a journal that I let other people read. I write because I have a terrible memory and want to remember things that happen, and I publish it because I know there are about 5 people who seem to enjoy reading every long-winded entry, plus a few dozen more who skim and/or look at the pictures. I also need the motivation of a visible forum to actually write. (See header #1 re: lazy.)

But sometimes when I re-read posts I can't help but think that, if I were an outsider, my reaction would be, "That chick is a wee bit self-important." So, for the record, please let me state that I totally do not care one way or another if you read/skim/look at photos/catch up twice a year. I'm not on Facebook so I can't really give anyone grief for not visiting a special website dedicated just to me, all me, all the time. (Note: this does not apply to my mom, who I do habitually guilt trip for not reading and who is ironically probably my most faithful reader. I love you, Mom!)

And, just in case the cogs in your head are turning (if you're even reading this...) and you're thinking back to some exchange we've had in the past... If I ever ask 'did you read my blog about...?' it's more as a point of reference so I don't tell you the same thing you already read.

So, that's it for now. Is it incredibly self-important of me to think anyone would even care about this disclaimer?

Just to prove that I'm totally sans blog ego... I'll take votes on which blog post listed above you're most interested in me writing first. Please post your votes in the comments section, so that I know people love my blog and would be devastated if I stopped writing.


AmberAnda said...

That picture of you is ridiculously cute. So my first vote is for the mustache party if you are talking about the chef Tom Douglas. If it's some other random guy then my first choice is the random thing in your apartment (oh the mystery!). After that MANU CHAO!

Desomniac said...

Well I'll be blunt, and by blunt I mean devastating: The only one of those posts I'm interested in is "Unexpected addition to my apartment (or, as Robyn put it, probably the most random thing I have ever done)". Well maybe your take on the chili cook off, but that's only because I assume that I'll be pictured. That way it won't be all about you ;)

Jen said...

Write about canning! I want to learn how. :)

Momma Archer said...

I read your blog, not out of guilt, but because I can pat myself on the back for raising a child with a very firm grasp of the written word. Oops, does that make this all about me? Nah, it's all about both of us--haha!