Monday, May 21, 2012

Two weeks from today...

This post was originally titled "three weeks from today" but clearly I missed that deadline, and I'm posting it by the skin of my teeth to make it true today. But here goes, my Exciting Announcement at last: two weeks from today I'll be a farmer in California! Well, a farm intern at least.

Despite my well-laid plans to spend the summer in Seattle, my trip through California and visits to two farms in particular - the last two I visited - revealed to me that I was ready to jump into this new part of my life sooner rather than later. I have most of a blog written outlining the rest of my trip through California, including details about the two farms I fell in love with, but here are the particulars:
  • My summer internship is from June 4 to August 24 at a tiny self-sustenance farm in Redwood Valley near Ukiah. It's owned and run by a woman who has lived there for 30+ years and her family/extended community. I'll stay in a one-room guesthouse at her father-in-law's home just down the road (who everyone calls Grampa and is an awesome 97-year-old). My focus will be on organic vegetable growing, and I'll also apparently get to learn to ride horses!
  • My fall internship is from August 27 - Christmas-ish at an also tiny but sells-to-the-public farm in Petaluma, about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. It's the family's first growing year - two parents and three teenagers. I get a private room in their beautiful house with views of the fields. I'll help with their chickens which provide both eggs and poultry (yep, that means I'll learn how to kill and make them food-ready), as well as care for their Angora goats which provide wool and milk. I'll also work the fields and the farm stand on their property, which includes farm tours for the public. I suspect Petaluma is my dream town.
  • Both farms have cell phone reception and internet. I'm not trying to go off the grid here. 
These farms could not be more different (apart from size and relative proximity) and I've found myself jumping for joy at the prospect of getting to experience both of them.

More details pending!


K. Meagan Demitz said...

welcome to california, miss archer!

K. Meagan Demitz said...
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Unknown said...

Sounds yummy