Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Procrastination Blog

I've been really lazy on the blogging front. And, in tribute to Jenna Marbles, instead of finishing one of my half-written entries about the final two farms and my trip to Philadelphia, I'm going to fill you in on some of the things I've been doing in Seattle instead of blogging. Because that sounds like more fun right now. And by more fun I mean less work. Writing a blog takes me forever! So, here goes:
  1. Watch "30 Rock." It's like crack. I'm almost through the 4th season and I've seen most of season 5 already, so I might be forced to do something productive soon.
  2. Stare at my computer with the intention of writing a blog. This often results in me reading other people's blogs, scanning the news, or watching five episodes of "30 Rock." This morning it included reading every Wikipedia and imdb page on all the superhero movies that came before The Avengers, which I saw last night. (Totally awesome, made even more awesome by Mark and Nathan, the perfect superhero movie watching companions.)
  3. Address items on my seemingly endless, minutae-based To Do list. A few of the more exciting examples: "laminate collage," "superglue rain boot seam," "pot baby spider plants," and "burn new CDs for car."
  4. Work on the Miller Community Center Garden, which I manage. (Have I blogged about that?) This is actually one of the few legitimate things I've done with my time lately and I'm happy to report that most of the beds are filled with happy plants, local after-school programs are getting more involved, and there's a small but dedicated team of volunteers I love working with.
  5. Go to weekday lunch with other funemployed people.
  6. Go to dinner or weekend brunch with not-unemployed people.
  7. Lay in bed for at least an hour after waking up. Because I can.
In exchange for your patience with my lazy unemployed behavior, I promise an Exciting Announcement soon. I assume 90% of the people who read my blog already know my news, but thanks to Google Analytics I learned I have some random lurkers in India, Canada, Germany, and North Carolina who will probably be excited about it. Not that I can judge the lurkers; there are several people whom I've never met but found their private blogs through what I like to call the "blogroll wormhole" wherein I click on a friend's blog, then on one of their friend's blogs, and on and on.

So lurk on, those of you who may vaguely know me through a friend of a friend, or found me by Googling such phrases as "plants cure cancer," "vida de cali sunshineys," and "swingers private pictures." (Wait, what?)


Unknown said...

I don't know what news is coming. Ooh the suspense!

ElizaBeth said...

Unknown - it would be fun to know who you are and how you found me! Was my news worthy of any suspense you may have felt, assuming you wrote that in a non-ironic way?