Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates and a Suggestion: De-Spokeo Yourself

Car update: Turns out I needed about $600 worth of mechanical work to fix the horn, replace the brakes, and get new spark plugs, but our friendly family mechanic told me I wouldn't have to see him again for a long time and that it was a good car, so I'm still feeling great about the purchase and the novelty of driving has not worn off. (More good news: the keyless entry issue was a simple battery replacement.)

Life update: I moved into my new house this weekend! I'm back with my friends K and M and their baby J. More on that later.

General warning: If you don't know about, you should check it out. It lists all the crazy personal information it can get its hands on and sells details to anyone who wants to buy them on the cheap.

Good news: you can remove yourself from it quickly and easily. Just click on the privacy link in the bottom right-hand corner, paste in the URL you want removed, and they will email you a link you have to click on to finalize the deletion.

It's funny how much information they list and even funnier how much is wrong. For instance, I was a woman in my late 30s with children, but the address and some other weird information like my zodiac sign was definitely right.

Almost everyone I searched showed up. So, remove yourself ASAP!


Desomniac said...

According to them I'm a taurus, who lives in West Seattle w/ my dad and I'm NOT interested in politics. Thanks for the heads up! But it does appear that they need to check their data.

AmberAnda said...

I've managed to slip under the spokeo radar. Maybe as a result of living in a yurt in the woods ( : I'm looking forward to hearing about your life as you settle back into Seattle with old friends and an adorable child for roommates!

Bradly said...

They found stuff about me based on my e-mail. That's just scary. I've removed myself too!

Sorry to hear about your car. I like cars when they always work. When they don't work, I go into this phase where all I can think about is how lovely public transportation is. :P