Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away; or, "Where did my year of eternal summer go?"

Does anyone not from Seattle remember asking me at some point if it rains all the time? Does anyone remember my dismissive reaction to this question? "Nah, it doesn't rain that much." Friends, I am eating my words.

It has been rainy and cold for two solid weeks. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun -- even a tiny sunbreak -- and I find myself wandering around the house in double layers muttering, "is it the apocalypse?" It's a far cry from last May when we had a record number of sunny days with no rain.

Next week's forecast is even more depressing than the last two, since before they at least attempted to make us feel better by hiding a sun behind the rain clouds. All such optimism is gone for the week of June 1-7: rainy and 61-64 degrees all the way. It's like Groundhog Day. This is the view I wake up to every morning. Not that I'm complaining; it's a gorgeous view. I just wish it were a little sunnier.

I find myself in a weird mood since I worked from home on Thursday and Friday and stayed more or less in with a cold all weekend, another factor adding to the Groundhog Day-esque sensation. I am going into the office today specifically because it is a holiday - nothing like an empty space to be seriously productive.

Anyone who works in publishing knows that there is always plenty of time in the workweek except for the days/weeks/months before a deadline (depending on how big the deadline). Right now all any of us can think about is the glorious freedom we will feel after July 1; until then I'm dedicating many extra hours to one part of the project or another, secretly happy I became an hourly employee when I went abroad. And, at this rate, the weather might be perfectly conducive to long evenings slaving over my computer; at least the longing to be out in the early summer sunshine won't be there. So, if I've been remiss in blogging or communication with you, that's why.

Yesterday K and I spent some time in the garden between rain showers. We ripped up some broccoli and broccoli rabe that did nothing but bolt two years in a row (won't be planting that again next year) and some other things that needed to go (bolted arugula, bitter lettuce) to make room for tomato and cucumber starts from some cold frames in the back.

The peas have gone wild and are covered in flowers which I hope means the peas aren't far behind, even though they're probably wondering if it's the apocalypse, too. The strawberries are also doing well and the radishes have been abundant and delicious. Also, K's ornamentals have filled out beautifully since last year. Here are the edible beds in front:

On Saturday I had to engage in a carrot holocaust because the seeds are so tiny it's very hard not to overplant which results in the need for serious thinning down the road. I felt pretty bad surveying all the tiny bodies I'd ripped out of the ground but the nice, evenly spaced rows left behind were worth it. (Side note: the other night I took a trip through the past with my sister Tessa's terrifyingly detailed memory of our childhood, during which she informed me that I used to make her play a game called "Holocaust." This apparently consisted of us standing in our small walk-in closet pretending it was 1) a cattle car or 2) concentration camp bunk beds. She told me that she used to say things like, "but I don't want to play" in her 6-year-old innocence and I'd stare her down and say in my 10-year-old demented authority, "Too bad, it's World War II and you're in Nazi Germany." I always knew I was a brat, but I had no idea I was disturbed. Can anyone top that for creepy childhood games?)

In other news:

We threw Baby J his first birthday party last weekend! His actual birthday was Wednesday and on that day he also had a momentus milestone: his first steps. They were short and unsteady but decisive. Since then he's mostly stuck to crawling but not too long from now he'll be tearing up the house. Here he is at MacPherson's the day before his party:

I started aerial silks again and am trying several places on for size before I choose where to take classes. The three days after the first class reminded me what the initial first three days were like, and now, 6 days later, I'm still a wee bit sore. But my upper body is going to be absolutely ripped inside of 2 months, so that's something to look forward to.

My car is still running great! I got the license plate and have named him Al after the first three letters: AAL.

Seattle Film Festival goes until June 13. I've identified a bunch of movies I'd like to see and am even volunteering as an usher a few times. Let me know if you want to see something!

Finally, I'd like to end with a special shout-out to Amber, currently residing in Gunsan, Korea. Amber knows I adore her so I hope she takes this as the utmost compliment: I always think I lead a pretty cool life until I read your blog. What the hell, Amber? Why you gotta do so many COOL THINGS? You seriously make me -- and everybody -- look bad. (Te echo de menos.)


Robyn said...

seriously feel you on the weather. up until now i poo-poohed everyone that complained about the rain. Yesterdays sun break was all too important to me. Holocaust? no words. no words.....

AmberAnda said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out hon! I gasped when I read it on the computer in the office, and my coworkers said, "What?" I said, "I just have awesome friends!" I'm sorry to hear the weather is so crappy right now, but I can't feel too bad for you since you've been in the longest summer of any one I know ( : So glad to hear the car is running well, you are getting settled, and back living with great roommates. Seriously, that baby is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

AmberAnda said...

Oh yeah, and for creepy childhood games my older sister used to play one with us called "mean mother". She would lock us in the closet or 'pretend' to not feed us lunch since that was the 'game'. Or we'd lay on the floor and she'd put my mom's barbell over our neck- it didn't touch the neck but there wasn't enough space to get our head out so we were stuck until she decided to lift it up. Then there was 'clean my room' game where we tidied her mess while she sat on the bed. We also played a 'runway model' game, where she would put makeup on me and curl my hair (often with accidental burning because I couldn't sit still) and then I'd pretend to be a model. If 6-year-old me complained and said I just wanted to play outside, she would sigh and say, "I know... it's painful to be beautiful!"

Amazingly, I harbor no hard feelings and still think she is the best big sister ever!

ElizaBeth said...

Amber, thank you for making me feel better about my own childhood torture regime! I also locked my sister in the closet from time to time but, like you, she says she harbors no ill will and actually has mostly good memories. Phew. Guess it's the reality of the ages - big kids will always beat up on/boss around the littler kids.

Pixie Dust Productions said...

Amber, all of your childhood games strike a close chord in my memory.

Beth would totally, totally do shit like that.

BAHHH Bethie this story cracks me up. We need to record it soon.