Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rest in Peace, Fernet "Traguito" Trago Nacional

I have some sad news to share. As you know, a few months ago we got a cat (Amy's cat, really, I was just the quirky live-in aunt) and we named him after Argentina's favorite booze which is as black as he was: Fernet Trago Nacional, or "Traguito" for short which means "little drink."

Early this morning he was being rambunctious as ever, and somehow lost control and fell off our 6th-story balcony. It was a high enough fall that he died instantly and didn't suffer, which I am grateful for. We knew it was a calculated risk letting him out there but there wasn't really any way around it. The whole house opens onto the balcony, summer in Argentina is a hot, humid affair so keeping the doors shut was not an option, and he just loved being out there.

He had a short but incredibly happy life. He couldn't have asked for a more loving owner and everyone that came over played with him, pet him, and just generally loved him. He really was a fantastic cat and it's incredibly sad that he didn't get to live more of his life, but I'm glad that he was able to live with us during his short life instead of meeting a much slower, sadder end on the street.

Luckily Amy took plenty of pictures for us to remember him by. I stole these from her blog.

Rest in peace, Traguito.


Robyn said...

so sorry arch! he does indeed look like a playful cat. i have loved fernet from afar. thank you for sharing.

Renée said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. So sad. Poor kitty, at least he didn't suffer long.

Momma Archer said...

I am truly sorry. You and Amy did give him a happy life. RIP, little one.

AmberAnda said...

Pobrecito gatito. Sorry for your loss dear. Like you said, at least he had a good life and you got to enjoy being a cat auntie for a little while. Abrazos!

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