Tuesday, March 16, 2010

100th post (holla!)

It seems strange that I've been writing this blog for more than 2 years yet I'm only just now hitting the 100th post. I feel like I've written so many. But that might just be because each post seems like it should count for 2-3. (Insert "long-winded" joke here.)

I leave Argentina two weeks from today. I plan on keeping the blog going once I'm back in the states because I never really considered this to be specifically a travel blog - it's more like life documentation - so I don't see a good reason to stop writing it. (Some of you will keep reading, right??)

"La vida desconocida" means "the life unknown." One of the best things about life is never knowing what's going to happen next, and I have finally accepted that settling in a city for more than a few months doesn't mean I have to settle into a routine that takes the excitement and adventure out of living.

In some ways keeping a blog inspires me to seek out new and interesting things since I feel semi-accountable to report back on what I've done. Also, by writing about it I'm guaranteed to remember the blogworthy events of my life 50 years from now. So, until further notice. La Vida Desconocida will still be a place to read highly detailed descriptions of the esoteric, the interesting, and often the mundane accounts of my life.

Special thanks to those of you who have made it through all 100 posts with me!

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I'll still read!