Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's never, EVER okay

I don't often write about "issues," but I feel compelled to share this disturbing graphic created by the organization UltraViolet. When it comes to rape and sexual violence, we need to be able to put aside our political views and ethnic/cultural backgrounds. This is NOT a partisan issue; it is NOT a cultural divide. Rape is a horrifying reality that is swept under the carpet, with rapists going unpunished (and sometimes even getting rewarded) every hour of every day. We need to change that. 

It starts with awareness.

What is rape culture? From UltraViolet: It's a set of attitudes that excuse or tolerate rape. Rape culture is when the media sympathizes with the attackers instead of lifting up the courage of the survivor. Rape culture is when we ask "Why did she drink so much?" or "What was she wearing?" instead of stating clearly that rape is never, ever okay.

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