Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall photos from around my 'hood

I've been obsessed with the fall in Mendocino. When I came in June I knew what to expect from the summer: hot and dry days, cool nights. But now we're transitioning into a new season and I'm enthralled by the changes. Turns out, fall in Mendocino is gorgeous. It stays warm well into November. Even though it's gotten cold two or three times, it jumps back up into higher temperatures a few days later. (Case in point: there was frost on the ground three mornings this and last week, but today and tomorrow it will hit 72 degrees.) It has rained - and when it rains it means business - but between the rain it tends to be sunny with poofy clouds. What a concept! I can't wait for a non-grey winter. There are more leaves on the ground than on the trees now, but it's still a lovely time of year.

View from in front of my house, November 1.

Civic center lawn, November 1. (I'm quite
taken with sunburst photos lately.)
Stormy skies, November 9.
Standing in exactly the same spot as the stormy sky photo
above. This was a great day of storm and sun - I even
saw a nice little rainbow!
Continuing on my walk, November 9. It started pouring
rain the instant I arrived at my destination, where I
curled up on the couch with some tea and helped plan
Thanksgiving dinner.
Fog over Lake Mendocino, early morning, November 10.
Sun over young vineyard, late afternoon, November 10.
Green tomatoes I was planning to pickle
turned mostly into ripe tomatoes for sauce.
Dining table scene: flowers and chairs
courtesy of my friend/Mendo mom Mary Anne
(at whose house Carson and I will spend
Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays).
Same view as first photo, November 14 (taken 1 minute ago
actually). Fewer and duller leaves but still more interesting
than the bare bones we'll have all winter.  Of course I'm
sure I'll think those are lovely, too.


AmberAnda said...

I loved this fall photo tour. Thanks for sharing snippets of your world!

Crab said...

Beautiful! I love that you have a Mendo Mom.