Saturday, August 04, 2012

Two months down, one to go

Today marks the two month mark of my tenure here on Road B, and one month from today my internship ends. Here's what's been going on for me.

1) I love Mendocino county so much I'm convinced it's my forever home. I like driving on empty country roads and going to events where parking isn't a problem. I like that I'm starting to recognize people in town and that I'm becoming a little bit recognizable myself. I also realized that I wasn't looking for the farm life as much as I was the country life; two very different things! (Slaughtering chickens? No thanks, I'm good.) So, for both of those reasons, I let the farm in Petaluma know that I will not be coming in the fall (weeks ago so they had plenty of time to find my replacement; they were very understanding). Instead, I'll find a place to live locally, get involved with some organizations that interest me, and earn a living as a contract writer and editor.

2) I'll be in Seattle for two-ish weeks starting on September 5. I'll probably drive up and equip my car with a hitch so I can rent a Uhaul trailer to bring what's left of my worldly belongings back to California with me. I'm  excited to visit during what is always the best two weeks of summer in Seattle, though I'm hardly deprived of sun - except for the first few days here, there hasn't been one day that it hasn't been shining. Today it cooled off to 93 degrees, down from around 103 all week. I'm pretty tan (for me) but you Seattleites can be the judge of that in a month.

3) This is Carson:

He's pretty rad: beekeeper, firefighter, ranch hand, all-around handyman and great guy. I met him on my third day here at a Mendocino Bee Club meeting, of which he is the chairperson. He knows everything but isn't annoying about it. He makes me smile and laugh so much my face hurts, and he enjoys launching me into the water while swimming in Lake Mendocino (which often results in water up the nose due to aforementioned laughter coinciding with the launch). And yes, he is a full foot taller than I am.

4) I'll blog again soon about the Not So Simple Living Fair in Boonville that we attended and volunteered for last weekend. It was magical!

5) You'll see her in the photos below but it bears a special mention that my dear friend Jamie Grace came and spent a week on the farm with us back in early July. She integrated quickly by inviting us to help her paint and doing an interesting exercise called a "spin off" that helps you look at what's going on in your life, and everyone was sad when she left. She did a lot of painting while here, creating many pieces using a tattered sail. Many of us got our own painted sail - mine is a beautiful hummingbird - but she made sure everyone got SOMETHING to remember her by.

5) Here are some pics and details from the last month. I never realize how much is actually going on until I revisit the photos I've taken (hooray for remembering to take them).

Kelly sorting our bottomless collection of lids.
Road B crew with copious food at a free Concert in the Park.
Carson at the Fourth of July parade in Willits. I love small town
parades! Easy parking and you don't have to stand more than one
deep to get a view. Also, there are a lot more horses than in a city.
Stephanie does her first sparkler EVER at the Frey Vineyard Fourth of July party.
Jamie Grace and I after eating several of the Best Donuts in the World
after the Frey party. I didn't see or hear a single firework (except sparklers - I was
shocked no one in Mendocino had any M80s to light) but we had a great day anyway.
Group swim at Lake Mendocino just down the road.
Laying anti-weed paths in the garden - wet cardboard followed
by super soft redwood bark.
Janet admiring the sail Jamie Grace painted during her visit.
Double fisting cookies at another free Concert in the Park.
Janet dressed up in Carson's gear.
Carson getting into the dress-up spirit. His
gear fit him much better than Janet.
Being a nerd at Parducci vineyards.
Accoustic Cafe concert at Parducci. Dusty Rhodes and Her
Handsome Cowboys folk-rocked out as the beautiful
hills glowed red behind them.
We did hospitality for the San Francisco Mime Troupe (not actually mimes) when
they played Ukiah last week. The food on this plate: a fig from Doc's garden
with goat cheese from our goats and basil from our garden; lamb stew with
a lamb we raised and butchered; fresh zucchini noodle pasta grown and made by our
friend and neighbor Shannon; the kale salad was the only thing we didn't grow.
Our crew hanging out and eating great food before the Mime Troupe
show started. It was amazing how quickly they set up a whole stage
in a park, and the show was really witty.
Last night was the First Friday Art Walk, and on our way we
stopped to do some thrifting. Stephanie poses in a child's horse
costume while Veronica becomes a snow bunny in August
as Alex looks on in disgust at me snapping photos.
That's just a smattering of the many things that happen here all the time. More to come soon! Until then, enjoy the view of the vineyard across the street just before sunset. This is where we take the dogs for a walk; even they lead a charmed life.


AmberAnda said...

Love that picture of you and Carson. You are ridiculously cute together! And I love how full and busy your life is... I know this blog post is just the tip of the Mendocino life iceberg!

jrteacherlady said...

Wow!! You seem SO HAPPY! What an interesting life you now lead:) I love how you write about your experiences, keep it up!!!