Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Seattle spring highlights

Well, I'm not in Seattle anymore but here are some fun things I did during my six weeks of spring there.

*Worked a ton at the Miller Community Center Garden to get it ready for its new managers (the control freak in me is still having a hard time letting go of that one).

*Helped throw a wedding reception for my cousin Hana (during which I left my iPhone at a Safeway and magically got it back).

*Went to Vashon.

*Spent a sunny day a-boating with Nick, Jacob, and Abby. We went to Blake Island, a first for me. It was relatively empty when we got there and we had some privacy laying on the grass near the water. I must have been laying down for a long time because when I popped up we were suddenly surrounded by people who had arrived to camp for the night (some via kayak).

*Saw three SIFF movies: King Curling (weird but funny); "FutureWave" shorts (a set of pretty interesting short films whose makers were all under 18); and As Luck Would Have It ("La Chispa de la Vida"), a Spanish flick that was very good but at times hard to suspend belief.

*Went to a comedy show followed by a random costume party with my sister, who did something cool to my face to make me costume-y:

At this party I ran into someone I hadn't seen since high school who wasn't particularly nice to me back then (in a way in which teenage boys excel), who ended up randomly apologizing for not being very nice to me 14 years ago. Unexpected closure!

*Got my hair whacked off. It was the longest it had been in 10 years. It doesn't look as good as it could have here because it hadn't been brushed in a few days, but regardless, the "tail" definitely had to go:

*Celebrated toddler J's 3rd birthday! I made a photo book in honor of the occasion documenting his "early years." It was a labor of love but definitely worth it. Here he is refusing to let go of his beloved red balloon, even while eating:

*Spent a lot of time with Amber - special shout out to her, a girl who always finds time to hang out and make mix CDs for friends. One night she made an incredible authentic Korean dinner, drawing on her experiences living in South Korea. We also went to the Greenwood art walk, saw a SIFF film, braved the long wait for Delancey pizza, spent a little time in her garden and admiring her bees, and said goodbye over homemade smoothies. Unfortunately Amber is always taking photos so I never do when we're together. (Amber, can you please send me some so I can post one of you??)

*Went to Folk Life for the first time in a decade. I was pretty much over it after about 7 minutes inside (so crowded!) but I did hang out for a few hours on the grass outside the festival with some friends:

(Had a lot of meals with a lot of friends. Practically every day in my calendar is marked by a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sometimes two in one day. There's nothing like leaving town to feel popular!

Although Seattle isn't currently where I live, it'll always be home.

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