Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year’s Halloween started on Saturday with Robyn and some of her friends. I was impressed by the caliber of our costumes – no one punked out!

Amanda was the "Toof Fairy" and made a terrifyingly authentic chola, which I hope isn't wildly offensive, I think actual cholas own the term so I'm saying it with respect here and this is clearly an admiring tribute:

Last year I tried to be Diana Ross but when I curled my hair I ended up with cute pin curls and went as a silent movie star instead. This year I wore the same amazing gold and black pantsuit but got a bonafide Diana Ross wig to make it happen for real:

We headed down to Norm’s in Fremont pretty early (7:30) to secure a table. Unfortunately the Sounders and Huskies games were both on so that early in the night it was all sports fans and no costumes. But we snagged the best table in the house and settled in. Soon the costumes started pouring in and again I was impressed with people’s effort. I’m not sure what was in the air that got people in the mood but this year seemed like an especially good year for costumes.

There was a big group of Star Wars characters with an impressive array.

Professional Chewbacca costume this guy was really tall so it made quite an impact:

This girl’s Death Star took a week to make:

Hans Solo frozen in carbonite was my favorite:

I also really loved these girls’ hand-made Black/White swan costumes, which happened to be one of the “trend” costumes (we saw at least five of them but they were the best):

Other trends included lots of Star Wars (even outside the group) and an inexplicable number of Where’s Waldo. I saw at least seven.

I was the DD and after giving the group rides home around 1 am I was headed back to my place when I saw a very sad-looking team of Angry Birds at the bus stop outside Robyn’s house. It was clear they had just missed their ride so I shuttled them down to their destination, Dick’s on lower Queen Anne, and told them to do a random favor for a stranger to keep the good karma going. They were funny and very grateful, and somehow I ended up with a devil’s tail in my backseat; not a part of any of their costumes or anyone from my group. Perplexing!

I decided to take a pass around Capitol Hill to see what was big among the gay, hipster, and fake-ID crowds. The only common theme was skin (oh, slutty Halloween), though I did see an impressive trio of Tetris blocks and a funny female Hugh Hefner with a very tall male Bunny. After that I called it a night, doused my face in olive oil to remove the fake eyelash glue and gobs of liquid eyeliner, and slept like a champ.

On Monday I wore the wig again but put on a black dress with red socks and a red belt and went as Little Orphan Annie's evil twin. We had a pumpkin carving contest at work and my department was robbed - look at how scary this thing is! We even had a mini strobe light in it which created these freaky light effects:

It actually looked scarier 4 days later:

That evening I went to see Toddler J as a bumblebee (he ran around yelling "I'm a bumblebee!" which was cuter than the costume) and give candy to the very few trick or treaters that came by. We ate most of the good candy ourselves.

All in all a respectable Halloween.

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