Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Fall: I accept you

After three cloudy, cranky days, I've made my peace. This weekend I beat my opponent in Week 1 Fantasy Football. Last night I cut into a ghost pumpkin I grew, roasted half of it with olive oil and masala and turned it into a delicious pumpkin soup. This morning I put on tights and boots.

It's fall. And I'm ready to embrace it.

I think people in Seattle were more cantankerous than normal this year about the fleeting summer. It got off to a slow start, and though the last few weeks were gorgeous, we were just settling in to the reality of not needing a sweater at night when the warmth was once again taken from us.

No one lives in Seattle for the promise of sunshine and we're usually conditioned to accept with pleasure the warm days we get, without (too much) complaining about the mostly cool summer months. These last two years, however, people have been vocal about their displeasure. Angry even. I think the root cause is fear: 10 years ago, a bad summer was just that; one summer. In the era of climate change, the fear is that every summer might be worse than the last one.

It's true that the Pacific Northwest is projected to turn into a wetter climate in the coming decades, but we're also projected to get more heat - maybe even drought - in the summer months. So I say we embrace these cool summers while they last and remember to appreciate our seasons as they are while we have them this way.

Happy autumn, Seattle.


Daruma-san said...

You've struck at the heart of the matter.

AmberAnda said...

I like knowing that my friends are at peace with the change in weather... I feel the same way. Bring on the scarves, boots, and tea! It also means I might get more reading done. And there's always the possibility of Mexico when things start to feel too bleak in the winter...