Friday, April 29, 2011

Where Did April Go?

Is it just me or did April fly by? Here’s a quick summary of how I filled the month. Despite being kept quite busy at work, I did manage to fit some fun in. In April, I:

Went to an "Arctic-themed" costume party with Marin, complete with an ice sculpture of a polar bear. (If my costume looks familiar, there's a reason for that.)

Welcomed home my dear friend Amber from a year teaching in South Korea with an Asian-themed dinner and birthday party:

Rocked out at Casey’s incredible fashion show, where he debuted his intensely impressive clothing line:

Won two out of three games of Settlers of Catan during an epic gaming night.

Bought a Bernina 1979 classic sewing machine. Isn't it gorgeous?

Started taking lessons from Casey, who currently has me sewing “squares of insanity” in which you stitch gradually smaller squares separated by exact distances. This one is 3/8ths of an inch:

Hiked Rattlesnake Ledge with Amber on the first 70+ degree day of the year. I don't know why I like this picture so much... it seems sort of seventies-esque, no?

Gorgeous views from the top. That lake will be killer to swim in this summer.

Baked my first gluten-free, dairy-free cake in honor of my sister’s birthday. It turned out pretty well - super dark, not too sweet, and very dense.

The frosting is an amazing chocolate coconut mousse that could not be easier to make.

Started seedlings indoors (tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, cilantro) and planted potatoes, radishes, carrots, arugula, and snap peas outdoors at the thriving estate of K, M, and J. Pictured: garlic, fava beans, and leeks planted last fall; arugula, carrot, and radish seedlings.

Generally swooned over the adorable and wildly vocal toddler J as he nears the 2-year mark. I swear he knows the name for every object in every book we read. (That's a butterfly! That's a kite! That's the letter B! That's a fire engine! THAT'S A DIGGER!)

Started playing tennis – poorly but enthusiastically – with Morgan.

Helped my friend Jacob purge 8 years of his life as he finally moved out of his apartment while engaging in psychological warfare on his consumerist habits, especially in the purchase of books and mustard.

Wore a skirt which has not fit comfortably in 2 years, thanks largely to going (mostly) gluten-free and to thrice-weekly kettle bell swing sessions in my living room. (Image courtesy of

And, that's April for you. I’ve scheduled my annual spring visit to Philadelphia for May 20-31, and there are several other exciting events on the docket, so I’m really looking forward to what the next month has to offer!

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AmberAnda said...

You sure managed to pack a lot of interesting things into the month! I really like that picture of you on the hike on the way up, you just look really natural and beautiful. That cake for your sister looked amazing... kudos on baking something you hadn't done before and having it turn out so well. Bring on May!