Monday, June 28, 2010

Clarence, Dog Wonder

I have some sad news. Clarence, the dog to whom I paid tribute just a few weeks ago, was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. By the time they caught it last week it was pretty advanced, and he left this doggie life for the next one on Friday.

I scoured years worth of photos looking for every shot I've ever taken of him. I have a few good ones but it's sad that for a dog I spent so much time with I don't have more, not even one of the two of us.

Here are some from a trip we took to the Poconos in May of 2006:

These are from a fondue party in April of 2007, one of the many dinners he attended; always shy but popular:

This is him wishing my sister a happy 21st at the satellite party I threw (without her but in her honor) on May 13, 2007 (randomly the Poconos pictures were also taken on May 13):

Finally, this is a shot from my trip to Philadelphia this April. Adam loved to dance with Clarence, pick him up, and generally do silly things with him, which Clarence always lovingly tolerated (and sometimes probably enjoyed).

Even though I am light on photos, I have awesome memories.

He was one of those dogs that had personality for miles. Here is a short list of his many fine attributes.
  • He loved attention and would make this hilarious groaning noise if he wanted you to pet him or pay attention to him.
  • His favorite spot was on the couch and would stare at you if you were taking up his seat.
  • He would sit on your feet or stand with his butt against your legs to keep track of you at all times.
  • He was totally lazy and would sometimes not even take two steps off the front porch before peeing and retreating right back to the couch.
  • He would smile at you when he was happy, and when he got really excited he would actually grin at you like a madman.
  • He lived to kill the squeak in a squeaky ball.
  • He was the only dog our friend Elizabeth not only wasn't scared of but actually liked, which tells you a lot.

He was a total love, gentle as a mouse, and also a scaredy cat. He startled really easily (which was sort of funny for a Rottweiler, a breed with a reputation for being ferocious), but this got better as the years went on.

That is thanks to Adam and Lydia, who provided him with a safe, comfortable, and most importantly loving home for the last two-thirds of his life. It is suspected that his first third was not so wonderful, and I for one am grateful that he got to experience what it means to be a loyal dog to loyal owners before leaving us.

Clarence, you are and will continue to be missed!

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I didn't even know Clarence but that post made me heart him!