Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week One at the Beach

At 5 a.m. today I officially had a full week under my belt at the beach. My hair is a mess of curls and I'm a few shades darker pink than normal. I've gotten used to sand on my feet and on everything else, and despite the challenging working conditions I'm so glad I opted for the whole month.

I started a really rambling account that didn't even make it to the end of day 1, which was mostly bad since when I arrived the apartment was trashed and the heavy window/door shades were broken, locking all the light out. But by midway through day two, 3 hours of maid service had rendered the place sparkly, 3 hours of handiwork by the building superintendent had fixed the shades and made my window and door useable, and many hours of airing out the blankets and towels - plus a half bottle of mint aromatic fabric spray - had mostly done away with the humid, mildewy smell. Amy arrived on day two just as the super was finishing up, we were off to the beach to enjoy a perfect breeze and puffy clouds, and my mood had done a 180.

So, for once in my life, I'm not going to post the ramble. Instead, the exact opposite approach: videos! Here is one of the apartment, featuring Amy, that I filmed while we waited for Beth to arrive.

Beth came that night at midnight and although the next day (Friday) there were terrible storms all over Argentina, one of which crashed right down onto us that whole day, we still went for a stinging-rain, can't-tell-the-sky-from-the-ocean, man-it's-cold-what-are-we-doing-out-here swim. It was a short swim as you might have guessed.

Saturday was perfect, a light breeze on a warm day with long, wispy clouds. I bought a half-tent and we put it up for the first time that day. What a stroke of genius these Argentineans had when they started selling half-tents for the beach! Beth and Amy seem to have an interminable patience for beach lazing and went through a book apiece in a matter of hours. I generally get hot, get distracted, get restless and only make it a few hours but I wholly enjoy those few hours while I'm out. Here is a video from that day.

I’ve edited lots of older videos together by now (long hours in the apartment with no internet = productivity in other ways) and will start to share them soon (upload from the beach is sloooow). I am thinking about starting a separate video blog so I can post them all there without having to upload to youtube. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these!

p.s. It is the beach and I am in a bathing suit in each of these videos. Don’t be scandalized. Nothing I could possibly wear could bring me close to the butts and boobs that hang out everywhere here.


Momma Archer said...

Nice beach place! Thanks for the tours. You're getting quite adept at using your video camera. Soak up that sun and surf ambience.

Totally jealous up here in the Pacific Northwest, (although we could be buried in snow like the East Coast--yikes!).

Amy said...

memorable quotes: "self-flagellating" and "blonderized." the apartment is disappointingly un-orange...i miss the playa!!

Robyn said...

i loooooooove the videos and all the scandalized flesh you are showing in your suit!