Friday, December 11, 2009

Three announcements (one with a photo!)

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I know I promised a post filled with exciting details of the last month or so, but that is not for today (it is coming though, I swear). Instead I have some housecleaning announcements to make, and like all good things it comes in three parts.

1) I need to give a heartfelt shout-out to two Yanqui friends I had to say goodbye to not only on the same day but in the SAME HOUR on Tuesday. Renée and Bradly, you are both missed. And, you better come back!

2) I'm moving. I won't go into details about why in consideration for the parties involved (myself included) but what I can tell you is that I'm quite excited for the new situation. I move on Sunday from Caballito, a neighborhood I have loved and to which I will dedicate an Ode To post soon, to Barrio Norte, a very hip and happening (and SAFE, Mom) spot where I will have a balcony and a big kitchen. Amy, I am so looking forward to our honeymoon period that we can hopefully extend several times by my coming and going in December and then again in February!

3) I'm going on vacation over Christmas. Yay! I am going with a girl named Beth and we leave Friday, December 18 to fly to El Calafate. On Saturday we will hike the Perito Moreno glacier. (Yes I am worried about being out of shape, yes I am worried that I have zero outdoor gear, no I am not going to let either of those things bring me down.)

Then we have from Sunday to Tuesday to figure out how to get to Bariloche. It's about 24 hours away but we are considering a few options. The place we are staying looks amazing and we're even getting a free night and a free bottle of champagne! This is where we will spend Christmas:

It will be my first Christmas away from my family but at least I'll be with a friend at a beautiful resort. The hotel has a big dinner and then I guess it's customary in Argentina if you are young-ish (or just really energetic) to go out dancing until dawn, so we might try that on for size.

We come back Sunday December 27 and I plan on working all that week to make up for taking the week before off. I'm also looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with some local friends, apparently that works a lot like Christmas in that it is family time until 2 am and then it's out dancing until the next day.

I hope you are all well. Merry cold holiday season to those of you in the Northern hemisphere!


Mr. Quick said...

omg lovely!

Anne said...

Hmmm... you might have to Skype your family into the resort! Looks WAAAAY warmer than it will be here come Dec 25! Have an amazing time, and take lots of pics and video so we can live vicariously.

Anonymous said...
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AmberAnda said...

An even hipper neighborhood? Bariloche? Hiking a glacier? Resort Christmas? Sounds amazing. Please soak up some sun and enjoy a sip of free champagne for me!

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