Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Highlights

Well, Sol called me out on writing a lot but not saying very much in my last blog. So here are some party highlights in an easy-to-read list form.
  • The pouring rain, thunder, and lightning which gave the party an eerie but cozy feeling. Also, the rad decorations Sol bought and the fun red blinking lights I bought.
  • Having multiple Argentineans comment on how delicious the pumpkin seeds were. (Ironically not one of the yanqui guests even noticed we had them.)
  • Giving people spoonfuls of jello which is always entertaining since it's a crapshoot whether or not it will wobble right off the spoon and onto the floor. (Lowlight: cleaning spilled cherry jello out of the fridge the next day.)
  • At some point getting cajoled into giving a ukulele recital, losing the pick, and having someone hand me a pop top to use instead.
  • Trying to get out of the hammock, getting stuck, and accidentally flopping backwards out of it instead.
  • Dancing. Lots of fun and crazy dancing.
  • Faysal the Mad Hatter spilling red wine on the White Rabbit and me wowing several people in the kitchen when I absorbed it all with salt.
  • Hernan the Pencil making "celery daquiris." Don't think for a minute that they were delicious and refreshing. They were chunky and really, really bad. (Lowlight: cleaning up about 10 cups of full, abandoned celery daquiris the next day.)
  • Being able to tell that everyone there was having an awesome time and that it was a totally successful party.

I'd love to hear anyone else's favorite memories from this year's Halloween!


WTU said...

Thanks for posting this :-D

My highlight was your last one... everybody have a blast!

- Getting the elevator empty
- Me making the pumpking and you the empanadas

Well, these are the 3 I remember now but I know there're 1000 more!

Momma Archer said...

Wow, looks like a super fun party! Will Argentina ever be the same?

ElizaBeth said...

I forgot about the guy at the stuffed animal place. When I asked if he had any white rabbits, he said "no." When I pointed to one in the window (the one I ultimately bought and love), he said to me - I kid you not - that's not a rabbit, that's a HARE.