Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back in Philadelphia

Since this marks the first time I've left the city limits of Seattle since getting back in December (sans my brief trip to Orcas island, one I hope to repeat late this summer) it seems appropriate to post the first blog since then, too. I checked Google Analytics and I somehow still manage 6 hits a day on this site - people must be googling weird phrases like 'eating guinea pig' or the names of friends I've mentioned directly. But, if you do still check the blog regularly please leave me a comment so I know who has been keeping the very old faith that I would start writing again!

I arrived in Philadelphia yesterday at about 7:30. My friends Katharine and Ben picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Pat's, King of Steaks. I figured I should get the cheesesteak eating out of the way first thing. We waited in line forever - shoulda gone to Tony' Lukes! - and I have to say, although it was delicious for memory's sake it's certainly not an appetizing sandwich and it wreaked havoc on my internals. Next time I'll get a chicken steak from Ishkabibble's. But it was covered in wiz and filled my belly and we go to sit outside to eat it amid that wondrous group of citizens I like to call Nor'easters.

By the time I got to Adam and Lydia's apartment last night it was time to go out for Claire's 30th birthday party at Cuba Libre in Old City, possibly my favorite Cuban joint ever. Talk about a chic, sexy interior. I got ready in about 12 minutes (looking pretty fly if I do say so myself) and we were out the door and dancing our petoots off in no time. Old City is such a trip! I remember how much I love the bustle and antics of this place.

My feet hurt a little today but not enough to keep me from walking the city. After a late breakfast with Adam and Lydia - perfect Eggs Benedict, a hard dish to find - I met up with Matt and we tooled around the city.

I love how warm the air is here! Not like Seattle where it's 70 in the sun, 50 in the shade. The nights are warm, too. I got here just in time for thunderstorm season, possibly my favorite spring weather cycle. It was about 85 today with a refreshing and persistent wind that blew Matt and I around West Philadelphia, stopping into my favorite used bookstore called The Last Word, trying on cotton dresses at the original Urban Outfitters, and enjoying a student-free Penn campus. We decided to get a slice and happened to catch the 10th and 11th innings of a great Phillies at Yankees match-up that ended in Phila's favor.

Cleveland was not as fortunate and bit it against Orlando (again, apparently) but I went to the bar to watch just for the social aspect. I think it was the first NBA game I've ever sat all the way through, actually. Old friends Mike Millar and Chris came out and then we ran into another friend Jared while there. This city is so small and it's one of the things I love about it. There's also so much energy and I'm really digging being back. It's the kick in the pants I need to get the summer started on the right foot.

I'll write more as I accumulate other fun Philadelphia stories. One last bit of hilarity before I go: this afternoon as Katharine and I sat on their semi-secluded porch with my back almost against the wall, I got absolutely pegged out of NOWHERE by a giant water balloon. Neither of us saw it coming until it went SPLAT all over my head and neck. Once I recovered from the initial shock I got in my obligatory "hey you kids, that wasn't very nice!" as they booked it down the block (they were maybe 12), but I had to hand it to them that it was a money shot. It was the first time I've ever been targeted by strangers for a water balloon fly-by, and I sort of enjoyed the novelty of young kids still pulling the same old bratty pranks.


ER said...

sounds like a blast. wish i were back in philly too!

Desomniac said...

Just think of what your garden is going to look like when you get back!

Robyn said...

i loves it! keep posting!

Renée said...

I'm jealous that you're going into Summer, but I guess it's well deserved after your year of eternal winter.

Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to S.A. and we can share stories about BS Club over cortados.

Yvonne said...

I always check your blog lady! Keep posting!
Cousin Yvonne :)